Detour Flashback: Highway 1, California (near Garrapata State Park)


Garrpata State Park, California

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some of the beautiful sights along Highway 1 in California. On our way to Las Vegas from Monterey, we took a brief side trip south on Highway 1. We picked up some coffee in Pacifica, and I tried to eat a delicious Mexican pastry I’d bought the previous night in Berkeley. It was delicious (think giant cannoli with a delicious custard inside), but I ended up with powdered sugar all over my pants.

We pulled over a few times to look at the coast. Dramatic cliffs, waves smashing into rocks, vibrant hillsides covered with wildflowers, cool tidepools, and bunnies. Bunnies everywhere.

Here are a few photos from this little detour. I just realized my photos have all recently acquired a black smudge in the top right corner of each frame, and after cleaning my lens, it persists. I think they still look pretty good, though. I hope you enjoy.

One more post tonight from Oklahoma City, then off to Memphis.

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