France to Spain: Chapitre Cinq / Capítol Cinc / Capitulo Cinco

I’m not sure anyone would ever be too excited about leaving Provençe, but the tour goes on…

We embarked for Spain in the morning after another delicious French breakfast. I will miss breakfast in France so much. Croissants, pain au chocolate, pâté, espresso, cheese, crepes…I already miss it.

The first stop on the way to the Barcelona vicinity was Carcassonne, France. This is an old fortified city near the Pyrenees Mountains that separate France and Spain. Inside the city’s walls is a small village filled with shops and restaurants, but much of the architecture remains the same. Walking the streets is a bit like stepping back in time. We visited the cathedral and walked through the narrow cobblestone streets. Lunch was delicious: refreshing gazpacho, house-made duck and sausage cassoulet, and brie and honey for dessert. And because everyone needs a second dessert, I stopped for pistachio ice cream on the way back to the bus.

From Carcassonne, it was a short drive to our hotel in Santa Susanna, Spain, about 45 minutes from Barcelona. Our hotel has a nice pool and is a five-minute walk to the Mediterranean Sea.

Tomorrow we venture to Barcelona—a bus tour, free time to explore and eat, and a bicycle tour of the old part of the city and the beachfront.

¡Hasta mañana! Or in Catalan, fins demà!

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